DateFriend is Dating in Facebook via a Facebook Application. Find out which of your friends like you!
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Team is complete and entering a seed funding round.
We'll be pitching at Angel Pitch Day in Santa Monica - June 22nd.
#MobileApp Fail:

This mobile application serves as a digital repository for a community of mobile app users to enter “bugs” (for lack of a better term) for popular mobile apps.  The app will have a back end database that will capture the data entered by the crowd, allow them to review the feedback, vote the issues up or down, and allow managers of those brands (via special subscription) to interact with the community, if they choose.

Current Team includes Marketing, and a Product Developer. Team requires designers.

This mobile application tracks via GPS public transportation and participating private enterprises to allow the user to find out the proximity of possible transit options, in addition to price and estimated arrival time to allow users to make the best transportation decision given the real time conditions.

Team requires development, and designers.